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Meet Margarita

Margarita, lives in Los Angeles. Margarita sends about $1,000 a month to her family in Mexico. Today, Margarita will try out a new service, called Moneda, to send an extra $100 home for her daughter Luz’s birthday.


Moneda Network Payment Process

Image 01

Margarita Installs the Moneda App

Los Angeles, USA

Margarita usually uses Western Union and pays about 8% to send money. Today she decides to try a new service called Moneda, which promises to charge her only 4% to send up to $500 anywhere on earth. Margarita installs the Moneda App, and uses the application's map feature to find a nearby Moneda Cashier.

Image 02

Moneda Cashier Takes Cash for Moneda App Balance

Taco Shop in Los Angeles, USA

Margarita hands $104 to the Moneda Cashier and the Cashier sends her a payment of $102 to her Moneda Account.

Image 03

Margarita Sends a BTC/LN Payment to Her Daughter

Los Angeles, USA

Luz has already installed the Moneda App on her phone. Margarita clicks "Pay Contact" in the Moneda App and she selects her daughter Luz. She enters a USD amount of $102 for the payment and clicks "Send Payment." Behind the scenes, Moneda has sent a BTC/LN payment from our Los Angeles BTC/LN node to our GDL, Mexico BTC/LN node.

Image 04

BTC/LN payment is received

Home in GDL, Mexico

Luz receives an alert on her phone that she just received a $102 payment to her Moneda App. She opens the Moneda App and finds a local Moneda Cashier where she can redeem the balance for $100 worth of pesos.

Image 05

Luz gets her cash

Taco Shop in GDL, Mexico

Luz walks in and scans the Cashier's Moneda App invoice for $102 in USD, and sends the payment to the Cashier. The Cashier sees that the payment has been made to his Moneda Account and hands 2,362 pesos to Luz ($100). The Cashier is happy because he has less cash to deposit at the bank on his next visit.

Image 06

The GDL Taco Shop Cashier Withdraws Pesos to His Bank Account

GDL, Mexico

The GDL Taco Shop Cashier decides to move the $100 he just recieved from his Moneda Account to his local bank account. He taps "Withdraw" and selects his full $100 balance. Behind the scenes, Moneda sends $100 in Bitcoin from it's BTC/LN node in GDL to Bitso. The Bitcoin is sold for pesos and Moneda's Mexican bank account is credited by Bitso. Finally, the $2,362 pesos is sent from Moneda to the Taco Shop Cashier's bank.

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