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Meet Margarita

Margarita, lives in Los Angeles. Margarita sends about $1,000 a month to her family in Mexico. Today, Margarita will try out a new service, called Moneda, to send an extra $100 home for her daughter Luz’s birthday.


Moneda Network Payment Process

Image 01

Hand cash to teller

7-Eleven in LA, USA

Margarita usually uses Western Union and pays about 8% to send money. So, for every $100 she sends, her daughter receives $92. Today she decides to try a new service called Moneda, which promises to charge her only 4% to send up to $500 anywhere on earth.

Image 02

Teller triggers payment

7-Eleven in LA, USA

Margarita goes to her local 7-Eleven and provides her phone number and the number of the payee to the teller. She hands Juan $100 and he processes the remittance payment.

Image 03

LN Node sends payment

LN node in LA, USA

Moneda Network operates an LN node near LA. Their node has just received a payment request. The payment request is validated and a Bitcoin payment is sent. The node also sends an API request to a local Bitcoin exchange in order to buy a matching amount of Bitcoin. At the end of the day, 7-Eleven sends a bank transfer to Moneda Network less their fee.

Image 04

LN payment received

LN node in GDL, Mexico

Moneda Network also operates an LN node in Guadalajara, Mexico. When the payment from California posts, the node pushes an alert message out to the preselected 7-Eleven location where the funds are available. The node also sends an API request to a local Bitcoin exchange in order to sell a matching amount of Bitcoin. At the end of the day, Moneda Network sends a bank transfer to 7-Eleven in Mexico for the payment amount.

Image 05

Teller is notified

7-Eleven in GDL, Mexico

At the 7-Eleven in Guadalajara, Jesus, the teller, receives an alert on the Moneda Merchant App that money has been received for Luz.

Image 06

Cash handed to payee

7-Eleven in GDL, Mexico

Luz receives a text message with a payment code and some details on a cash transfer now available at the local 7-Eleven. She walks in and shows the payment code to the teller. Jesus scans the code and hands Luz 2,362 pesos.

We are looking for...

LN Node Operators

Already running a well-managed LN node? Join up as a Moneda Network franchisee, help connect your local community to Bitcoin, and earn around 2% when originating LN payments for Moneda Network.


We are looking for protocol and application developers. On the protocol side, we are working on an LN BOLT specification to ensure that all nodes have sufficient liquidity, uptime, and proper channel management. We are also in the planning phase for several apps (node opperator, merchant, consumer). Anyone out there tired of React Native and ready to learn Flutter?


Own or operate a high-traffic retail store? Merchants will be able to earn around 1% on cash remittances as a Moneda Network franchisee.